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Aseanarean Yachting Academy

The recreational use of Aseanarean is growing rapidly. All with access to the sea can enjoy marine recreation. From swimming in coastal waters to sailing a magnificent blue-water yacht, the sea offers unmatched opportunities for leisure, experience and greater understanding of the natural environment. Opportunities for re-creation and fulfillment abound.

Modern yacht design – power and sail – and electronic navigation and communication aids, enable recreational seafarers to readily voyage across seas and oceans, visit exotic ports and remote locations. In doing so, they are exposed to calm and storm, to great natural beauty and other memorable experiences, including interaction with peoples of different cultures.

Wherever they may be, seafarers have an obligation to ensure safety and efficiency, the protection of the marine environment and the preservation of marine life.

Professional seafarers have long had access to providers of maritime education, training and certification and minimum standards have been established on a global basis. For recreational seafarers, while access to appropriate but rather limited educational services is available, there is need for a comprehensive development enabling global access to recognized education and training of a high standard.

To assist in meeting this need, a major initiative in the provision of knowledge and skills for marine recreation has been taken with the establishment of the Aseanarean Yachting Academy (AYA), based at Raffles Marina in Singapore.

As a global port and focus of maritime activity at the heart of ASEAN, Singapore is a natural center for the development of a quality provider of comprehensive educational services for recreational seafarers. Raffles Marina is the longest established and most comprehensive marina in South East Asia. It has the expertise, facilities and other resources to support the development of the Academy.

The hierarchy of courses in the Faculty of Seamanship extends from introductory courses for beginners to courses for those with experience and knowledge who wish to gain a deeper understanding.

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