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Teachers' Day Package 2018 (min. 60 pax)

1. Chinese 8-course dinner @ $630++ per table of 10 persons

2. Halal 8-course dinner @ $780++ per table of 10 persons
    ~ Min. 5 tables, otherwise transporttaion charge of $80++ will apply

3. Intnernational Buffet Menu @ $63++ per person (non-halal & halal)
    ~ For Halal buffet, min. of 30 pax is required, otherwise $30++ shortfall charge and $60++ transportation charge apply

~ Use of a venue space for 5 hours
~ Reception table with a lucky draw bowl
~ Venue setup with tables and chairs, including linens and chair covers
~ LCD projector with screen (if applicable)
~ PA system with speakers and 2 wireless microphones
~ Free flow of soft drinks, coffee & tea (buffet) or Chinese tea (sit down)
~ Cocktail setup with potato chips provided during cocktain reception
~ Complimentary car parking for all guests

Additional Perks
~ Door gifts for all confirmed attendees
~ 1 x 2-way 40-seater coach transfer (pickup and drop off at selected location)
~ Complimentary pre-event photo booth (2 hours with unlimited prints) OR
~ Experience in-house emcee to conduct games for your event (subject to availability)

Terms and Conditions
1. Packages are valid until further notice.
2. Reservations of function rooms are subject to availability.
3. Price is subject to 10% service charge for visitors. Prevailing GST applies to all sales for members and visitors.
4. Public holiday and Eve of public holiday are subject to additional charge.

8-course Chinese Sit-down Menu
1. Deluxe Hot & Cold Cut Combination
2. Fish Maw Soup with Dried Conpoy and Crab Meat
3. Steamed Black Groupa in Hong Kong Style with Light Soy Sauce
4. Deep-fried Chicken
5. Stir-fried Ocean Prawns with Asparagus in Chili Sauce served in Yam Ring
6. Braised Balck Mushroom with Sea Cucumber, Mock Chicken and Spinach
7. Fried Rice with Sausage wrapped in Lotus Leaf
8. Chilled Cream of Mango with Sago and Pomelo
~ Chinese Tea will be served

8-course Malay Sit-down Menu (Halal)
1. Malay Deluxe Platter
    - prawn cocktail, green mango salad, ayam panggang, sambal sotong and curry samosa
2. Soup Kambing
    - slow boil mutton soup with corriander garnish served with french loaf
3. Ayam Rendang
    - braised chicken with rich coconut gravy
4. Deep-fried Golden Seabass with Sweet & Sour Sauce
    - served with home-made pineapple achar
5. Malay Vegetables Platter
    - eggplant masak merah, sambal goreng, fried beancurd in thai sytle
6. Sambal Udang Goreng
    - sautee prawn with sambal and onions
7. Wok-fried Seafood Nasi Goreng
     - wok-fried rice with sambal and seafood garnish with ikan bilis and chili
8. Mango Pudding with Exotic Fruits
    - homemade mango pudding garnished with exotic fruits

International Buffet Menu
Cold Dish
- Smoked Salmon and Cocktail Prawn
- Cold Cuts Combination
- Mango, Avocado & Arugula Salad
- Potato Salad
Main Dish
- Grilled Fillet of Sea Bass with Tomato Sauce
- Stir-fried Boneless Chicken with Basil Leaf
- Stir-fried Ocean Prawns with Casher Nuts
- Mutton Masala
- Mixed Lo-hon Vegetables
- Yong Chow Fried Rice
- Assorted Tropical Fresh Fruits
- French Pastries
- Almond Bean Curd with Cocktail Fruit

Halal Buffet Menu

A) Appertiser
(Select ONE item from the list below)
1. Red Onion Cherry Tomato with Olive & Pesto
    - mixed of roman lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and seasonal greens, served with thousand island dressing
2. Garden Salad with Dressing
3. Orecchiette Salad with Crunchy Fruits and Permesan
4. Thai Seafood Tung Hoong Salad
5. Crunchy Fruits Mayao Salad with Casher Nuts
6. Smoked Duck Pasta Salad

B) Soup
(Select ONE item from the list below)
1. Tom Yam Chicken Soup
2. Sze Chuan Hot & Spicy Soup
3. Cream of Mushroom Soup
4. Cream of Tomato Soup

C) Main
(Select menu from either International OR Western Selection)

1. Thai Style Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice with Chicken Floss
     OR Seafood Luang Prabang Sautee with Long Grain Rice on Banana Leaf
2. Hong Kong Sytle Wok-fried Seafood Egg Noodles with Superior Soya Sauce
     OR Kampong Style Mee siam Goreng Garnished with Sliced Egg & Lime
3. Signature Gulai Padang Chicken with Confit Potato in Spicy Coconut Gravy
     OR Kyoto Style Sautee Chicken Garnish with Sesame & Chive
4. Deep-fried River Farmed Swai Fillet with Superior Soy Sauce, Julienned Old Ginger, Scallion & Chinese Green Garnish
     OR Wok Tossed Fried River River Farmed Swai Fillet with Cayenne Pepper Glazed
5. Broccoli with Bai Ling Gu Mushroom in Thick Oyster Broth
     OR Slow Cooked Vegetarian Loh Han Vegetables
6. Retro Style Wok Fried Prawn 'Har Loke' Glazed in Tomato, Chili & Oyster Sauce
    OR Wok Tossed Crispy Prawn in Coated Salted Egg Yolk

1. Chateau Steamed Butter Long Grain Rice with Chicken Bacon & Mushroom
     OR Chateau Steamed Butter Raisin Rice with Smoked Game Ham
2. Seafood Linguini with Tomato Coulis
     OR Seafood Penne Rigate Pasta Aglio Olio
3. Chicken En Croute with Trio Mushroom Sauce & Baby Potatoes
     OR Coq Au Vin (French Braised Chicken)
4. Baked Italiana Pangsicus Fillet with Confit Tomato Pomodoro & Olive
     OR Deep-fried Pangsicus Fillet Encrusted with Herb Bread Crumb with Gherkin Mayo
5. Broccoli with Trio Mushroom & Thick Oyster Broth
     OR Sauteed Brussel Sprout & Carrot with Butter Sauce
6. Potato Dauthinoise with Parsely & Nutmeg
     OR Italiano Bread Dust Seafood Ring with Tartar Mayo
7. Herb Baked Mini Potato 
     OR Golden Vegetable Rosti
8. Spanish Style Prawns with Tomato, Olive & Oregano
     OR Wok-tossed Prawns with Cayenne Pepper Glazed Garnished with Duo Peppers

Sweet Temptation
(Select TWO items from the list below)
1. Chilled Cheng Tng
2. Bo Bo Cha Cha (Hot/ Cold)
3. Chilled Mango Jelly with Longan & Lcyhee Pop
4. Fresh Fruit Platter
5. New York Cheesecake
6. Green Tea Choux
7. Cake Lapis
8. American Chocolate Brownie